We can set up your business Facebook page and provide you with a profile picture and header image. If you’d also like some consultation and tips on posting content, just ask!


For those who tweet, we can design a Twitter avatar, cover photo and background for your profile. If you’d like us to integrate your Twitter feed on to your website, we can easily take care of that for you.


If your business is taking advantage of the viral video trend, we can design your profile background, avatar and help you integrate your account with other social media channels.

Google Plus

Despite G+ being a smaller, more niche social network, it has a highly engaged user base with plenty of specific interests and loads of sharing power. Take advantage of this Google-backed opportunity for more viewers on your business blog.


Pinterest is a great place to promote yourself if you’re involved in the wedding, travel, home decor, handmade, accessories, or fashion industries. If you’re not sure how you can leverage this trend, ask us if this social site might work for your business.