What are the different file formats in my logo package?

.ai – this is the Adobe Illustrator vector file, the original file used to create the logo. Print shops prefer .ai files because the size can be adjusted without losing quality.

.eps – similar to an .ai file but can be opened by other software, in case the recipient doesn’t have Adobe Illustrator.

.pdf – a popular vector file that can be opened on most computers. Print shops like these too.

.png – a raster (non-vector) file with a transparent background. Great for use on websites due to its smaller file size

.jpg – a raster (non-vector) file with a white background. Ideal for use online, in email signatures or in Microsoft Office documents.

What is the difference between purchasing a domain and purchasing hosting?

A domain is your website url or website address, i.e. www.yourdomain.com.

Some people like to purchase several variations of a domain, for example, .com, .ca and .net, as this can protect your brand. Domains are usually cheap and there is no limit to the number you can own.

Hosting refers to the server where your website files will live. Once you have purchased a hosting plan, your domain name will be directed to your website’s hosting, making it accessible on the Internet.

Some companies, such as Dreamhost and GoDaddy, offer both domain name and hosting services. We will need your domain and hosting login details to set up your website.

Where do I purchase website hosting?

Using a reputable website hosting company is important. A good host ensures minimal disruption to your service, so your website is always available and easy to find in search results, as well as better customer support.

We have extensive experience hosting websites with Dreamhost, who have a platform optimized for WordPress websites. A “Shared Unlimited” plan is our recommendation for basic business websites. It includes a free domain registration, free email and free SSL certificate. A “VPS” is better for larger sites, or ones with e-commerce transactions.

Where do I purchase a domain name?

Dreamhost offers a free domain name as well as SSL certificate with the purchase of one of their hosting plans, so that’s definitely the recommended route. However you can also just purchase a domain name from them on its own without a hosting package.

Once you’ve chosen a domain name supplier and purchased your domain(s), we’ll need your login information.

What login information do you need from me to build my site?

That depends. If you already have a domain and hosting set up, we’ll just need your ftp login details.

If we are creating a website from scratch, you’ll need to purchase a domain and hosting, and send us the login information for both. Shortly after you’ve purchased hosting, you’ll receive another email from the hosting company with your ftp login details. We’ll need those too.

What is an SSL Certificate? And why do I need one?

To put it simply, it’s what makes your site “https://” instead of “http://”. When a site has the “s” indicating Secure, then its less likely to be flagged by browsers as a security risk, because its had an extra layer of security applied.

Additionally a lot of news media has been telling the public to stay safe online by never purchasing anything off a site without the “https”. So if you’re going to be selling anything on your website, you’ll need it. Even if you’re not even processing the transactions on your domain. This will ensure you have the buyers trust.

You can purchase an SSL Certificate with whoever you’ve purchased your domain with. Some registrars charge an annual fee for them. Others will include it for no charge if you purchase both your domain and hosting with them.

How do you install a custom HTML email signature?

For Microsoft Outlook 2013, this video will explain. For Gmail, this video will explain.