In our world covered in wi-fi signals and navigated by smartphones, it’s almost impossible to have a successful business without some form of online marketing or promotion.

Almost everyone on the Star Graphic Design team has worked for an affiliate network at one time or another. We understand conversion rates and how to make them better through landing pages, mini-sites, banner ads and more.


Landing Page Design

Landing pages are an amazing tool for marketing professionals. We’ve designed hundreds of landing pages over the years and helped many affiliates get their campaigns off the ground, and existing affiliates increase their success.


Mini-Site Design

Mini-sites are a great way to break up the content of a giant landing page. With Google constantly on the lookout, using a mini-site instead of a long sales page improves your credibility. You can also benefit from organic traffic, because a mini-site will often contain a blog or news section in order to hold more content.

Don’t need a new site but still want to improve your marketing results? Perhaps a site audit is in order. We can use our experience to carefully examine your existing website and create detailed recommendations to improve your conversion rates!


Banner Ad Design

We have years of experience designing banner ads for different products and services. We research your ad placement and design your banners with maximizing conversions in mind. They even come in your choice of static or animated.


White Label Design and UI Design

Having access to a white label version of software is every affiliate’s dream. But what do you do next? You’ll need branding (logo and boxshot design), splash pages, install screens and, of course, the user interface.

Whatever help you need for your white label software, we can provide it. Some affiliates just need some minor colour and button tweaks, while others require a full re-design of the UI. Get in touch with us to find out which solution is right for you.



Our top-notch copywriter has years of experience writing creative ad copy and affiliate marketing materials. She’ll create detailed, keyword-rich landing page copy for your marketing campaigns.

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