Design Trends of 2015

Design changes constantly and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends to make an effective yet eye catching design. As a designer, I appreciate the current trends that have been established and get inspired of what I see around me even outside of what is being posted as the web. Our job is to problem solve and communicate using elements such as typography, shape, and colour. Making sure you know your client and what message they are trying to portray as well as their client market will help you go on the road to creating a successful design.

Trend #1 : Flat Design


One thing that some companies are doing at the moment is re creating their logo to appear more flat, clean and simple. For example, we see just solid colours with no sight of shadows, gradients, ect. Google recently updated their logo and was launched on the September 1st of this year. Still keeping the same corporate colour palette, Google changed their typeface to sans serif. The company is an example that over the years, their logo has become more simple then before when their type logo included bevels and drop shadows. You’ll noticed as well that flat design can be seen in many different varieties of print media and of course on the web. Designers also use flat designed elements to produce an interface application which could include headers, icons, illustrations and more in their application.

Trend # 2 : Big High Quality Images and Cinemagraphs on Websites


This is something that isn’t completely new but a lot of designers use both large picture and even cinemagraphs at the top of the header in web and mobile applications. it’s a unique way to catch the viewer’s attention when they enter the site. Having these elements included in a simple and clean lay out makes it look very classic and attractive. Images and cinemagraphs used on sites also have that very artisan, vintage appeal to them.

Trend #3: Unique Typography


There are so many brilliant and beautiful fonts all over the web. Type is looking very clean, classic and there are also fonts with a contemporary styling. As I mention in the first trend, you are not seeing type with large amounts of drop shadows, bevels and other effects. Type is seen flat on numerous varieties of design. A font that I admire is Bebas Neue designed by Japanese Typographer,¬†Ryoichi Tsunekawa. I¬†appreciate it’s bold characters and the sophistication it creates on different design media.


Nicola Hestnes

Graphic Designer based in Victoria, British Columbia. Studying and in final year at Pacific Design Academy.